KTH 2001 Winter Semester

          Monday          Tuesday         Thursday        Friday       
                          Jan.9           Jan.11          Jan.12
afternoon                                 Faculty M       World View 
evening                   (week 1)        R.Smith         R.Smith

          Jan.15          Jan.16          Jan.18          Jan.19
afternoon (week 1)                        (week 1)                 
evening   Presbytery      (week 2)        (week 1)        (week 1)

          Jan.22-Feb.2:Preparatory reading assignment period

          Jan.22          Jan.23          Jan.25          Jan.26
afternoon (week 2)        Suuplement      Minor Proph     Supplement
evening                   Y.T.Youn        Y.T.Youn        Y.T.Youn

          Jan.29          Jan.30          Feb.1           Feb.2
afternoon Open Session    Supplement      Minor Proph     Supplement
evening   Y.T.Youn        Y.T.Youn        Y.T.Youn        Y.T.Youn

          Feb.5           Feb.6           Feb.8           Feb.9
morning                   Counseling      Counseling      Counseling 
afternoon (week 3)        N.S.Kim         Open Session    N.S.Kim             
evening   C.S.Chung       C.S.Chung       C.S.Chung       C.S.Chung 

          Feb.12          Feb.13          Feb.15          Feb.16
afternoon Umeda Meeting                   (week 2)                 
evening   Horikoshi       (week 3)        (week 2)        (week 2)

          Feb.19          Feb.20          Feb.22          Feb.23
afternoon (week 4)                        (week 3)                 
evening                   (week 4)        (week 3)        (week 3)

          Feb.26          Feb.27          Mar.1           Mar.2
afternoon (week 5)                        (week 4)                 
evening   Funahashi       (week 5)        (week 4)        (week 4)

          Mar.5           Mar.6           Mar.8           Mar.9
afternoon (week 6)        Open Session    (week 5)                 
evening   D.R.Chung       D.R.Chung       (week 5)        (week 5)  

          Mar.12          Mar.13          Mar.15          Mar.16
afternoon (week 7)                        (week 6)                 
evening   Presbytery      (week 6)        (week 6)        (week 6)

          Mar.19          Mar.20          Mar.22          Mar.23
afternoon Exam.for Mon                    Exam.for Thu.                 
evening   Exam.for Tue.   Holiday         Exam.for Thu.   Exam.for Fri.

Special Lectures:

Jan.11-12              Rev.R.Smith, Covenant Worldview Institute,Mitaka
                pm7:00 Trinity and Comparative Religion
Jan.12          pm4:00 Worldview and Culture

Jan.23-Feb.2           Dr.Y.T.Youn, OT Prof.of Hapdong Seminary, Seoul
Mon.Tue.Thu.Fri.pm7:00 Method of Hebrew OT Exegesis  
Tue.& Fri.      pm4:00 supplemental study for students without Hebrew 
Thu.            pm4:00 Study on a book of Minor Prophets
Jan.29          pm4:00 Open Session: Exegetical use of Hebrew 

Feb.5-9                Dr.C.S.Chung,Dean of Chong Shing Seminary, Seoul 
Mon.Tue.Thu.Fri.pm7:00 Biblical Counseling 
Thu.            pm4:00 Open Session: Biblical Counseling in NE Asia 

Feb.6,9                Dr.N.S.Kim, Institute of Counseling & Mission  
Tue.& Fri.      pm4:00 Biblical Evangelism

Feb.12                 Rev.C.Horikoshi, Prebyterian Church of Japan
                pm7:00 Freedom of Faith and Shinto Nationalism                

Feb.26                 Elder A.Funahashi, Teacher of Kobe-Jyogakuin HS  
                pm7:00 Criticism on Shusaku Endo's "Chinmoku"     

Mar.5-6                Dr.D.R.Chung, Korean Bible University & Mission
                pm7:00 Types of Discipleship 
Mar.6           pm4:00 Open Session: A Bible study for discipleship 

Regular class week 1 to 6or7:
Mon.afternoon:System of Doc./Bible/Creed Introductions by Takiura etc.
Tue.evening:  ST/PT/Exegesis Seminars by Pennington, Sakai and Takiura
Thu.afternoon:Introduction to ST and Greek by Guests and Takiura
Thu.evening:  Apologetics, History of Mission, Systematic Theology etc.
               by Spear, Pennington, Sakai and Guests
Fri.evening:  Exegetical Theology and Languages by S.Takiura in Okamoto
                   (Details are now in preparation)

Further Plans:
May 14-18    Dr.S.Uda on Vantil's Apologetics
October      Dr.Bruce Stewart on Pastoral Life and RPCNA Constitution